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The revolutionary electronic exhaust system called THOR.

A metal encased super powerful loudspeaker and mobile application will turn your vehicle into a legendary sports car. This product is perfect for the ever growing electronic vehicle market, giving your electric vehicle the sound you will miss and feel 

What does it do?

Using your choice of one or two super powerful loud speakers housed in a spheroidal structure made of titanium-steel alloy. This system is suitable for absolutely any modern car. you will only need CAN-bus for your cars engine to install the THOR system.

How does it sound?

You can control the sound of vehicle at the touch of a button with the smart phone APP, From the serious to the funny.

For example, Have you sever dreamed of being in the cockpit of a Jet Fighter? With the easy press of a button you could be engulfed by the sound of the Jet and become the Pilot or prefer the roar of an Audi R8 no problem just press that sound!

One Speaker or Two?

One speaker is around 80db which is a similar sound level to a standard BMW M3 system, however the two speaker option takes it to around 95db which is a similar sound level to a Mercedes AMG C63

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