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Steinbauer Power Module - Tesla, Model S P85D

Steinbauer Power Module - Tesla, Model S P85D

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Brand new to the market and offering the worlds first tuning solution to your Electric Vehicle is the Steinbauer power module.

The Steinbauer is a plug and play tuning module which will only takes around 45 minutes to install is your answer to take your Electric Vehicle even further in performance.

  • More power and torque - Better Acceleration & Dynamics
  • Improved braking performance - 100% Regenerative Braking - Less Brake Wear
  • 45 Minute Installation - Non-invasive plug & play setup
  • Warm up your battery faster - Module offers this extra feature 90D
  • Extensive testing & Development - in house on Steinbauer company EV Vehicles
  • Manufactured in Austria - At Steinbauer HQ
  • 3 Year Warranty** - With online product registration
  • OEM Quality - Top quality of the automotive industry
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