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EBC Brakes GreenStuff Pads (Front) for VW ID.3 & Cupra Born, DP22446

EBC Brakes GreenStuff Pads (Front) for VW ID.3 & Cupra Born, DP22446

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Specifically designed for EV's is EBC Brakes' new pad design consisting of two separate clips, one that goes in to the caliper carrier itself, and one that attaches to the brake pad to have less rolling resistance, thus improving the braking regeneration range.

EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads

  • Medium to low dust material.
  • A 10-15% increase in brake performance.
  • Improved resistance to heat fade at higher speeds.
  • ECE R90 approved.
  • Instant safe brake after install


Why Choose EBC GreenStuff Pads?

EBC GreenStuff brake pads are the perfect choice for street use on Sports sedans and hot hatches.

Made in the EBC Brakes UK’s manufacturing plant in Bristol. The GreenStuff brake pad is an eco-friendly that contains no lead, copper or toxic sulfides and comply with all environmental legislation and will still be a perfect direct replacement over your stock brake pads and will reduce your stopping distance and will improve your cars braking response.

The Number one selling EBC Sport Pad

Brake dust is always something we get asked about as a retailer which is why we are happy to offer the RedStuff brake pad which gives you the ultimate blend of reduced brace dust yet still delivers great performance.

The EBC GreenStuff pad is sold throughout the EBC catalogue range and is found on many everyday vehicles applications making it an ideal choice for someone looking to increase there braking performance on everyday street use.

The GreenStuff compound is not ideal for track use. Although it has been spotted on many cars doing hillclimbs and lighter vehicles on track.

If you was looking for a pad to suit even faster driving styles, you might consider the EBC YellowStuff or BlueStuff.

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