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OZ Racing Superturismo AERO-e, 19 x 8.5 inch, 5x114 PCD, ET35, Graphite Single Wheel

OZ Racing Superturismo AERO-e, 19 x 8.5 inch, 5x114 PCD, ET35, Graphite Single Wheel

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Expected end of November

Aerodynamic intergration

exclusively for

All-electric cars

The automotive world is experiencing an unprecedented industrial renaissance, driven by new mobility paradigms, ever increasing social responsibility, and the widespread urgency of sustainability.

A change that has already broken down the most common performance stereotype: thrills and andrenaline can also be found in the heart of an electric motor.
More aerodynamic optimization, more integration, more innovation and energy savings thanks to hundreds of prototypes developed in the OZ tech lab, constant data acquisition, and on-track validation by the best teams in the world.
Years of Forumla E experience have lef to the development of the Superturismo AERO-e
Technology, performance and sustainability. The AERO Project borrows paradigms from Formula E, finding expression in an alloy wheel dedicated to the world of electric cars: Superturismo AERO-e has been exclusively developed for high-performance electric vehicles that require optimized aerodynamic flows. 
Aero-e posche



The first aftermarket wheel for the electric segment developed in a wind tunnel, with specific attention to reducing the resistance coefficient and extending battery life.  

Wind Tunnel



Custom flaps that make the wheel profile seem almost solid, minimizing open surfaces: futuristic design, optimization of aerodynamic flows, energy saving and greater range. 




A special surface with concave hemispheres (dimples) - similar to those used to optimize the aerodynamics of golf balls - generating the Magnus effect: minimized surface turbulence during wheel rotation, improved aerodynamic efficiency and a further reduction of the CX coefficient.




Special wing profiles and vertical slots ensure adequate, optimized air extraction both on the outer lip and along the spokes to maintain the correct level of brake cooling.




The exclusive High Light Technology achieves mechanical characteristics comparable to those of a forged wheel, in terms of both weight reduction and structural strength.



The Full AERO Cap is seamlessly incorporated into the wheel profile and made with the special Dimple Technology, the same technology applied to the Full AERO Flap.

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